If Santa was an email marketer…

Diesen Beitrag möchte ich gern im Original hier veröffentlichen, zeitlich und  inhaltlich passend ist es alle mal  :-)

1. Nobody would get any presents unless they wrote to Santa explicitly asking for them.

2. The gift wrapping would have a little transparent preview window in it, so you could see the contents of the parcel without having to open it.

3. He would pack each gift twice. Once in colored gift wrapping and once in plain brown paper.

4. The message on the gift tag would be limited to 50 characters and always feature first-name personalization.

5. In roughly 10% of houses, Santa would emerge from the chimney to find himself in the trash can and not the fireplace. This despite a squeaky-clean sender reputation.

6. He would always get 99% open rates, despite the fact that his delivered content is often low-value or irrelevant.

7. The 1% who don’t open their parcels would get a new parcel around December 30th: same gift, but different gift tags and wrapping.

8. If they didn’t open the second parcel, Santa would write and ask them if they still want a parcel next year, otherwise he’ll stop delivering.

9. He would have spent all year arguing with Facebook Santa and Twitter Santa over who should get the biggest slice of (mince) pie, before deciding they would all benefit if they worked together to make the pie bigger.

10. He wouldn’t get many people reporting his gifts as unwanted (even though some of them are) and opting-out of future deliveries.

11. His detailed tests on the “best time and day to send” would have very conclusive results.

12. The content of each parcel would be determined on a one-to-one basis, using an analysis of each recipient’s prior behavior.

13. He would encourage you to share your gifts with your social network.

14. He’d send a follow-up message over New Year asking you to write a review of the gifts.

15. You would be able to sort presents into piles based on importance. One pile for important gifts, one pile for not-so-important gifts and a special pile for gifts from Great Aunt Mildred.

Eine schöne Weihnachtszeit und wenn wir uns nicht mehr lesen sollten, einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!
Ihr Jan-Philip Ziebold

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